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Strapping machines

Semi-automatic strapping tables

Semi-automatic strapping machines represent a cost-effective solution for simplifying and improving the strapping process. These strapping tables use either polypropylene (PP) or paper strapping, and deliver consistent, efficient strapping while minimizing capital expenditure.

Automatic strapping machines

An automatic strapping machine is designed to tie, fix and secure products, usually parcels, cartons, packages or similar objects, using polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) plastic strap.

Fully automatic strapping machines (can be integrated)

Fully automatic strapping machines guarantee high reliability and excellent performance. These machines offer greater flexibility and adaptability in a wider range of applications. Thanks to their high-speed design and reliable performance, fully automatic strapping machines are ideally suited to high-capacity production lines.

Corrugated strapping machines

These automatic strapping machines, specially designed for the paper and corrugated board industries, are generally equipped with a jogging device for perfect alignment of the strap with the corrugated board. These systems guarantee precise strapping of your corrugated boards, preserving their integrity while creating perfectly ordered stacks.

Automatic strapping machines are generally designed to be integrated into a production or packaging line.

Side-seal strapping machines (special for dusty environments)

With its strapping head positioned on the side of the machine, the side-seal strapping machine can protect itself from dust and water. This feature enables it to operate reliably in tough, dusty working environments, such as those where bricks, tiles, tiles, cardboard and other materials are handled. It’s an ideal solution for professionals working with cutting materials.

Pallet strapping machines

A pallet strapping machine is industrial equipment used to secure and ensure the stability of palletized loads during transport and storage. Its main function is to apply polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) plastic straps around a pallet loaded with products, to hold them together safely and efficiently. Horizontal and vertical pallet strapping machines are suitable for all types of product to be palletized, whether cartons, drums or other goods.

Stainless steel strapping machines (for food processing and seaside applications)

Semi-automatic or automatic stainless steel strapping machines are specially designed for the food industry and the strapping of seafood products: fish, shellfish, oysters….

The design of these machines makes them particularly resistant in corrosive environments.

Water evacuation is optimized, making strapping accessible for products or packages with little or no waterproofing.

Custom strapping machine

The custom-built strapping machine is designed to meet the exact requirements of each industry. This can include determining the type of strap to be used (Polypropylene or Polyester), as well as the size, width and strength of the strapping according to product specifications.

Strapping machine parameters, such as strapping tension, welding time and other settings, are adjusted to the specific needs of the goods to be strapped. This ensures proper and secure strapping, while preserving product integrity.

By using a custom-built strapping machine, strapping operations are optimized, improving the efficiency and productivity of the supply chain.

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