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Automatic small package strapping machine TP-702RS

The TP-702RS automatic strapping machine is based on the Mercury TP702, with parts specially designed to accommodate small packages. It is suitable for small bundles or round packages such as plastic pipes, steel rods, parquet slats, etc. It can strap bundles of 40 mm (W) x 10 mm (H) or round packages of Ø 32 mm x 2 pieces.

The TP-702RS offers reliable, high-speed performance for small or round package applications.

Automatic small parcel strapping machine TP-702RS

TP-702RS characteristics

  • Strapping of small flat packs 50 x 10 mm in 9 mm or 2 round tubes Ø 34 mm
  • Electronic tension adjustment
  • Strap ejector in case of missing package
  • Automatic insertion of strap into magazine
  • Automatic arch filling
  • Reversible control panel
  • For use with 5, 6 or 9 mm PP strap
  • Strap output: 65 straps/minute
  • Strapping by heat-welding at 280°C
  • Adjustable tension from 1 to 32 Kgs
  • Electrical control unit for all functions
  • LCD screen for viewing and setting parameters
  • Machine equipped with 4 wheels, 2 with brakes

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