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Sawmill rope, rope, twine

Rope is an invaluable tool for securing merchandise, offering stability, protection and ease of handling during transport.

In particular, rope is used to create strong ties around packages or pallets, ensuring their integrity and preventing any scattering or misalignment.

In addition, rope can be used to bundle several items together, facilitating the loading and unloading of merchandise.

The sawmill rope, widely used in sawmills, has been a La Croix Noble creation since 1986. Our best-seller! They can be used to group and store wood. A complete range to meet all requirements!

Twine is designed for use in farming, horticulture and viticulture… Useful for all applications involving the bundling, fagotage and batching of produce.


Rope is widely used to secure merchandise during transport. It allows loads to be grouped, secured and tied in a safe and stable way, minimizing the risk of shifting, bumping or damage during transit.

Sawmill rope

The wood industry requires a strong rope, called sawmill rope, to bind wood trimmings, slabs and other off-cuts. We offer it in PP or SISAL, which decomposes and can therefore be mixed with paper pulp.

Invented by La Croix Noble in 1986 to meet the demands of the timber industry, sawmill rope is our greatest expertise!


Twine, used mainly in the agricultural, horticultural and wine-growing sectors, plays an essential role in the bundling, bundling and batching of produce from the land. It enables crops such as hay, vegetables and fruit to be gathered together, facilitating handling, storage and transportation. It is also used to bind bundles of straw or branches, ensuring that they are secure and easy to handle. In retail, it helps to group vegetables and fruit into presentable batches. Finally, it also helps support the vertical growth of climbing plants, such as vines, thus promoting higher yields.

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