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Lashing range

Our lashing range is designed to meet the requirements of the different modes of transport used to move your goods (road, sea…).

  • CTU code (Secure lashing of goods in containers).
  • EN 12195 standard (Lashing for road transport).

Every year, we hold training courses to ensure we are experts in our field and can offer you the best lashing solutions. Our range is specific, and you’ll find just a glimpse of our products here. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a personalized offer.

Lashing hooks & buckles

Indispensable for securing your goods with straps, lashing hooks and loops enable you to secure your products/pallets easily and efficiently in carriers (flat racks or containers). Their role is to maintain the tension exerted on your straps during transport, and to keep your loads safely in place.

Lashing straps

Do you need to use lashing straps to secure your merchandise? We have a complete lashing range for you, whether loop, diagonal, X-shaped, corner-to-corner… Our range is extensive: from one-way straps to sack straps, or straps for lashing nets. You’ll find just a sample of our range here, but we can also make specific orders for you, according to your needs, with your own markings on the straps, for example, to personalize your straps to your image.

PP dunage bag

Inflating gun for dunnage bag

Manual tensioners for lashing in containers or Flat Racks

The manual tensioner applies uniform, controlled tension to the lashing material, ensuring that the load remains securely fastened during transport. Manual tensioners are commonly used in road, rail, sea and other transport operations where proper cargo securing is essential for safety and stability.

Truck lashing strap tensioner

Tensioners for road securing are used in a variety of land transport operations, including the carriage of goods on trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and other road vehicles. They are essential for maintaining cargo stability and safety, reducing the risk of movement, damage and accidents during transport.

Anti-slip mat

Anti-slip sheet

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