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Strapping tool for textile strap MX32A

Strapping tool for textile strap

Strapping tool MX32A technical description:

The MX32A friction strapping tool is not a drill with a tensioner. It’s a tool specially designed for professionals. This portable, industrial-quality strapping tool is the only one on the market for intensive strapping of textile straps. The MX32A battery-powered strapping tool lets you tension and cut textile straps up to 32 mm wide.

Portable strapping tool MX32A advantages:

  • For textile, woven, composite and Hotmelt straps and webbings
  • Tension force 800 daN
  • 1 button for 3 programs: auto/semi/manual
  • 1 button for tension level (6 levels)
  • 1 quick-reverse button (QRB) – pre-programmed for automatic reversal, enabling rapid tool removal after tensioning.
  • 6-degree angle – designed to reduce wrist fatigue while strapping vertically or horizontally.
  • Low center of gravity – reduces the overall height of the tensioner to further reduce operator fatigue.

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