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Woven strap Tyflex® (Polyester)

Woven strap is a type of material used in the strapping sector to attach and maintain together palletised loads or packages. It’s a strap of high tenacity polyester, with a high resistance to break and a high elasticity.

Woven strap is used in the transportation and logistic industry to secure loads on pallets or in containers. It can be also used in other applying sectors such as parcel strapping for air transport, steel or PVC tube strapping in the construction industry, or even for the product fixation on pallets in Warehouses and distribution centers.

High quality polyester straps for every type of pallets strapping or flat racks containers lashing.

TYFLEX® woven strap range: 

  • From 09 to 40 mm
  • Up to 5 tons resistant 
  • Baling press range 
  • Woven textile, light, standard and reinforced range 
  • Lashing range

TYFLEX® woven strap’s advantages: 

  • Flexible strap
  • Buckle or knot closure 
  • Can be retensioned 
  • Does not rust 
  • Weather and UV resistant 
  • Weaving prevents fibers from coming apart
  • Better buckle hold

use with: 

Applied woven strap: 

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