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Lashing secures your loads in containers for all your transportation needs, whether by rail, sea or road. We have solutions for securing your goods or heavy objects. Don’t know how to stow? Let us guide you through our solutions, taking into account the CTU code.

What is the CTU code?This is a code of good practice for the use of containers in sea, rail and road transport. This CTU code takes into account factors such as inertia, angles α, ß… which are essential for securing your goods, but also for making you more responsible. Because do you know who is responsible for the merchandise you transport? Yes, it’s you, as the head of the company, or you, the packer. The damage caused by improperly loaded cargo can be too costly: material, human and environmental damage! La Croix Noble has decided to reinforce its expertise in the field of load securing through regular training courses for its entire team. In this way, we ensure the safety of your loads, your employees, and all those involved in the transport chain.

Lashing method

Different methods for securing your goods

Direct lashing

Direct lashing consists of securing the goods directly to the carrier: container, flat rack, trailer, etc. This means that these means of transport must be equipped with lashing points. Unlike top-over (or friction) lashing, it is the LC (lashing capacity) of the lashing devices that is taken into account in the calculations.

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Loop lashing

This is a direct lashing method. Lashing devices must hook onto lashing points to form loops. We can set up head loops to secure front and rear directions, and side loops to secure transverse directions.

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Other lashing methods are also possible: diagonal lashing, anti-bounce lashing, strapping lashing… All these methods need to be sized according to the means of transport and the size and weight of your goods.


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We cater for all lashing applications for transport: rail, sea or road. Complete solutions for securing your loads in containers, flat racks or trailers… You need to transport: metal cylinders, wood, pallets, heavy items… Tell us what you need to transport, and we’ll advise you and guide you through the different methods: direct, loop or friction (overhead) securing. We’re the experts when it comes to securing your loads.


dunnage bag

PP dunnage bag

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE PP DUNNAGE bag: Dunnage bags are specially designed to secure and stabilize goods in containers, closed railcars, trucks and ships. Made of polypropylene, they are highly resistant to perforation and humidity. DUNNAGE BAG ADVANTAGES: use with: dunnage BAG in use:

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Lashing hook

Lashing hook

Lashing hooks for use with lashing straps or lashing crowns. CHARACTERISTICS OF LASHING HOOKS : USE WITH :

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Lashing buckles

Lashing buckles

Lashing buckle for use with lash or lashing ring. TECHNICAL FEATURES OF LASHING BUCKLES: Use with:

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On the drawing:

a) Hook, lashing buckle, tensioner  b) Lashing strap  c) Dunnage bag  d) Magnet for lashing net e) Lashing net system 

Also essential for creating additional friction:

Slip-resistant mat, or slip-resistant sheet

Our solutions for Flat Rack containers

a) Lashing hook, b) Lashing strap, c) lashing buckle and tensioner, d) slip-resistant mat

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Would you like to test our load securing solutions before you get hooked? Tell us what you need to secure your loads: describe your goods, their size and weight, and we’ll send you a customized starter kit!

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