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Strapping is a bit like fastening your goods’ safety belt! We use metal or plastic strapping to keep them securely in place. There are various strapping methods, which we choose according to your preference, the equipment available, the space you have available and the operator’s level of mobility 🛡️📦

Strapping Methods

Manual strapping

Manual strapping involves the use of machines to tension the strap around your merchandise, be it packages, cartons, pallets, drums, etc. There are a number of different machines: manual strapping tools, tensioners, steel strapping sealers, friction strapping machines, and combination tools that stretch and weld with thermo-friction. To complete: buckles and seals to maintain tension during transport.

Semi-automatic strapping

To speed up the preparation of your small package shipment. The semi-automatic strapping is ideal ! set it down, strap it up! Different strapping tables at your disposal. These machines are available with different straps depending on the kind of product to be strapped. 

Automatic strapping

Automatic strapping machines are used for all types of package formats. They are also ideal for use in packaging lines. All options are possible, so tell us about your project, and we’ll see which machine best suits your needs. Whether in the chemical, wood or agri-food…

They all have their own specific features to suit you!


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Strapping : I close

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The purpose of closing a package is to protect your goods (against theft for example), to convey a good image of your company, to communicate using printed straps, etc. In short, closing a package is IN-DIS-PEN-SABLE!

To do this, you will need to equip yourself with strapping machines (semi-automatic or automatic table), friction strapping machines, battery-powered, but also and why not case closers.

Strapping : I maintain

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The support does not necessarily require high-strength strapping, but it allows you to hold your boxes on your pallet. You may already be applying a manual or machine stretch film, but the strap will help maintain the load in the event of emergency braking, acceleration (but less likely, especially in a semi-trailer!), sharp turns, etc. It also reassures the carrier, and incidentally protects you legally.

Strapping : I group

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To group your merchandise or make batches, you have no other choice than to strap your merchandise. Strapping is the only support in this case, so don’t deprive yourself of it! We also have a full range of strapping automation.

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Strapping : I secure

cerclage je securise

Security, as we can never say enough, is PRIMORDIAL. A strap (or link) is the safety belt of your favorite merchandise. You can put as much film as you want, you will need to secure your goods from shocks during transport. And for that, no choice. Well, yes, the choice of La Croix Noble.

Strapping : I compress

cerclage je compresse

Need to compress your boxes, papers… So two solutions: The first solution: in a press (we have partners for this), in this case you need a woven bond, wire to wire or PET strap. The second solution is the semi-automatic or full automatic strapping machine with press.

Strapping : I communicate

Above all, strapping is a way to secure your packages or pallets, but now it is also a blank canvas for your boundless creativity. You can print whatever you want on it: logos that scream “It’s me, the star of the package!”, funny messages like “Attention, very very secret package” or even small drawings to brighten up the daily life of everyone who crosses his path. Imagine a package arriving at your door with a strap that winks at you and says, “I’m here to protect this treasure until it reaches your hands!” It’s the kind of little detail that puts a smile on your face, isn’t it? So yes, printed strapping is much more than sturdy plastic. It’s an opportunity to spice up the receiving experience, show a little personality and send positive vibes with every delivery. After all, who would have thought that packaging could be so fun and expressive? Printed strapping is above all about securing loads with a touch of fantasy! 💥



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