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Maintenance & after-sales service

We’ve set up a Maintenance & After-sales service department, because we’re convinced that you’re going to enjoy your tools and machines for many years to come… But? You have to know how to do it properly, and follow the maintenance schedules recommended by the manufacturers. How do you do it? Our technicians are here to take care of your tools. So entrust us with the regular maintenance of your tools and machines, and they’ll pay you back in spades!

We carry out maintenance and after-sales service in our workshop in Saint-Ay.


90 % of breakdowns can be avoided with an early service. Repairs to electronic cards and motors are the most expensive parts, so remember to have them checked regularly.

Do you feed your children with dirty hands? Why not do the same with your tools? Clean your tools regularly: knurling wheels, counter knurling wheels… These parts are very much in demand during strapping operations. Residues stick to the walls and reach electronic parts… Sometimes it smokes… oops, maybe it’s too late!

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La Croix Noble offers you an all-inclusive package for your strapping tools: Orgapack ORT, Strapex STB, Signode BXT, H46 and La Croix Noble X Range.

annual overhaul

1/ How does it work?

  • Removal of the machine from your premises.
  • Dismantling, cleaning, complete lubrication.
  • Replacement of the most common parts: screws, bearings, springs, cams.
  • Reassembly and testing.
  • Tool delivery to your premisesOptional: Loan of a replacement tool.

2/ How much does it cost?

After-sales service for your machines

As part of our after-sales service, we offer maintenance contracts to ensure continuity of service and risk prevention. We intervene within 24 hours, and even faster depending on the degree of urgency. We also offer telephone or video troubleshooting for greater responsiveness.

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