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Strap-pass and edge protectors

Plastic edge protectors are real “protective corners” that prevent your packages from being crushed by the strap.

The strap-pass facilitates the passage of the strap under pallets or packages.

Edge protectors

Due to the tension exerted during strapping, it is important to take precautions to preserve the integrity of cartons and gathered goods. To protect the edges of your crates, boxes and cartons during strapping, we recommend the use of edge protectors. Placed on the edges between the packaging and the strap, they prevent the strap from damaging the structure of the carton.

Strap pass

The strap-pass is an accessory designed to facilitate the strapping process by guiding the strap efficiently and securely around the pallet. It helps maintain strap tension, prevent damage to corners and products, and ensure correct, reliable strapping. Using a strap-pass can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of your pallet strapping operations

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