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Spiked edge corner protectors

Made of PP plastic, this safety guard is fitted with spikes. The spikes ensure that your boxes are securely fastened and well protected.

These edge protectors are placed at the corners of pallets or packages to protect them from excessive tension or damage caused by the strap.

Edge protectors are particularly useful when the strap is significantly tensioned to secure the load, as excessive tension could potentially damage or perforate the corners of the cartons. Edge protectors provide a buffer surface between the strap and the cartons, reducing the risk of damage while maintaining load stability.

Our Spiked edge corner protectors range: 

  • Made from Polypropylène Plastic (PP)
  • Available  in 40 x 40 mm 
  • Compatible with a strap of 25 mm max

Spiked edge corner protectors advantages: 

  • Withstand high clamping force
  • Good resistance to moisture
  • Reusable, they are both economical and environmentally friendly.

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