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Cut to size

We have a special machine for cutting all types of lashes, straps and ropes to length.

We can also produce custom orders for specific requirements. Our customers’ problems: obtaining pieces of rope, textile lash or strap, always of the same size, to bundle bundles of wood or make carrying handles. We have the products in stock, and a cutting machine. It’s as simple as programming the desired lengths. This machine cuts hot, very precisely, guaranteeing a perfect, even cut.


Ideal for:

  • Creating transport handles: door frames, joinery, furniture, glassware…
  • Gathering off-cuts, stakes, slabs, edgings or boards in sawmills.

The projects are many and unique! So don’t just take a look at these photos, express your needs in our chat room, on one of our contact forms or by phone. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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