Since 1986, we’ve been the undisputed experts in load securing, providing optimum protection for your goods, whether they’re large pallets or modest parcels. Our know-how covers strapping, cording and lashing, with a precise selection of techniques adapted to your needs. Thanks to our expertise across industrial sectors, from textiles to electronics, from small sawmills to pharmaceuticals, we comply rigorously with standards, guaranteeing meticulous handling of your goods. From sophisticated strapping to technical ropes and customized lashing, our skills offer unrivalled assurance. Entrust your cargo to us for safe, successful journeys every time.

Cerclage manuel et automatique de marchandises


We’ve found that 75% of companies don’t have the right strapping solution for their application, which bodes well for working together. PET polyester strap, PP strap, paper strap, composite strap, hotmelt strap, woven strap – there’s something for every taste, and even every color!

Cordage pour marchandises


One of La Croix Noble’s first activities was to respond to the needs of the woodworking trades: how to secure, bundle, store…? We then developed our rope ranges to meet the needs of a wider range of users.

Système arrimage pour marchandises


Securing allows you to secure your loads in containers for all your journeys: rail, sea or road. We have solutions for securing your goods or heavy objects. Don’t know how to secure? You’ve come to the right place!  

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How to choose the orientation for your printed strap ?

How to choose the orientation for your printed strap ?

Right, left, top, bottom? When you’re trying to work out which way to print your strap, you can get confused. But don’t worry! We’ll give you the key to understanding. What is the printing orientation ? To find out which printing direction to choose, you first need to know what it is and what the […]

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