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The agricultural industry encompasses a wide range of activities linked to the production and processing of agricultural products.

Rope plays an important role in the agricultural industry. It is used in many applications to tie, support and secure various items.

Rope is mainly used to bundle and secure agricultural products such as hay bales, straw bales, grain or seed sacks, cotton bales, etc. In particular, it helps to compress hay and bales of straw. In particular, it helps compress hay into a compact form, and facilitates bale storage, transport and handling.

Its use contributes to improving the efficiency of agricultural operations and facilitates farmers’ work.

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There are various types of rope used in agriculture, including sisal and polypropylene ropes. The choice of rope type will depend on the specific application, environmental conditions and strength requirements.

La Croix Noble offers a wide range of  twines and ropes for agricultural applications: strand for bundling machines, baler twine, etc., as well as all the packaging and strapping equipment (straps, buckles, strapping machines, tensioners, dispensers, etc.) needed to package your production.


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Cut to size

Cut to size: rope, strand, twine, webbing, strapping…

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Strap chopper: the answer to all your questions!

Clean up your warehouse, reduce NHIW (Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste) and recycle your PP, PET ans steel waste.

Cercleuse horizontale automatique de palettes TP-733H

Strapping machines

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Custom strapping machine 🔵⚪🔴

Entirely designed to facilitate your day-to-day work, it meets your specifications: speed, addition of chevrons, destacker, chain sorting, conveying, etc…

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