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PP sawmill rope

Toron PP

Treated against UV rays, rope is indispensable for binding bundles of firewood, sawdust and slabs. Tension is applied by means of a clamping lever to hold the bundle securely in place.

Polypropylene (PP) rope is widely used for its versatile properties. Resistant to moisture, chemical corrosion and UV rays, PP is a popular choice in many fields:

  • Sawmills: Binds off-cuts, scraps and bundles of wood.
  • Agriculture: Used for tying bundles, securing tarpaulins, building fences, stakes and handling equipment.
  • Industrial applications: For handling, packaging, temporary fastening, etc.
  • Packaging: Strapping, bag sealing, packaging for transport and storage.
  • DIY: Repairing, fastening, creating handicraft items.
  • Building industry: Light work, temporary fastening on building sites.
  • Marine industry: Moorings, ropes, resistance to water, abrasion and UV.
  • Gardening and Horticulture: Plant fastening, trellis, vertical support.

When selecting PP rope, take into account the load, the environment and the specific properties of the material.

PP sawmill rope advantages:

  • Sawmill rope for bundling machine
  • UV-treated, weather-resistant
  • Very flexible, stretches slightly and does not break
  • High breaking strength

PP sawmill rope specifications:

  • Coils of 10 kg
  • From 6 to 10 wires
  • Resistance from 800 to 1 250 kg

Cut to size

Cut to size: rope, strand, twine, webbing, strapping…

« I use the cut to size service to create 1m pieces of rope, which I use to create an assembly of wooden stakes, ideal for storage! »

— A satisfied customer

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