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Strapping tools

Strapping tools are used to hold items together. Strapping horizontally or vertically, or even both, to bring products or cartons together in a compact block.
For strapping to be effective, it must be carried out using suitable tools: manual strapping tool, friction strapping tools, tensioners, tensioner-straightener combinations or crimping tools. More or less ergonomic and easy to handle, these tools are designed for different applications.
Strapping tools are used to secure shipments or facilitate transport, especially of heavy loads such as pallets.

Strapping tool for textile straps

Need an industrial-quality tool for intensive strapping with textile straps and buckles? We’ve got just the tool you need, specially designed for professionals!

Manual strapping tools

An essential tool for successful strapping, the strapping tool is essential to ensure optimum strap tension in complete safety. The manual strapping tool is designed for low production rates, and for one-off strapping of packages or complete pallets.

Friction strapping tools

If you have more merchandise to strap, or if you want to increase the speed at which you prepare your parcel shipments, the friction strapping tool is the ideal solution. Thanks to this fast, easy-to-use strapping tool, you can save precious time when strapping your pallets. Whatever your situation, we’re sure to have the right solution for you!

Steel strap shears

Tensioners and crimping tools for steel strapping

Tensioners and crimping tools for steel strapping are used to crimp steel strapping.

Steel strap tensioners are strapping tools designed to apply the right amount of tension to steel strap. They allow the strap to be pulled tightly around the object to be strapped, creating a secure holding force.

Steel strap clips are used to secure and seal metal strap once it has been tensioned around the object to be strapped. They are used to hold the strap in place by forming a loop or tightening loop, then crimping or welding to secure the strap.

By using these strapping tools together, parcels or pallets can be strapped securely, keeping them in place during transport or storage, preventing damage or loss. Steel strapping is often preferred for its strength and durability, especially for heavy loads or products requiring high stability.

Pneumatic tensioner

The pneumatic tensioner is a pneumatically-operated strapping tool that can be used on a regular or even intensive basis.

Powerful and easy to handle, the pneumatic tensioner is suitable for all working conditions, guarantees high tensile strength and is ideal for securing bulky and heavy loads on trucks, containers, ships, etc.

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