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Wrapping machines

An automatic wrapping machine, also known as a stretch wrapper, is a machine that wraps a product or pallet with stretch film to hold it in place and protect it during transport or storage. The automatic wrapping machine uses a reel of stretch film to apply a layer of film to the product or pallet automatically and continuously.

Orbital (or horizontal) wrappers

An orbital banding machine, also known as a “horizontal banding machine”, is a machine used in industry for spiral wrapping with stretch film of bulky, irregular or specially shaped loads.

Rotating arm wrappers

The rotating arm wrapper is highly appreciated for its versatility. This type of automatic wrapper eliminates any worries about the weight or position of the load on the pallet, as it remains completely still while the arm rotates around it. Thanks to this rotating bar mechanism, the rotating arm wrapper is particularly effective for wrapping loads that are unstable, light and sensitive to compression during palletization. This system ensures optimum pallet stability throughout the film-wrapping process, while applying a uniform and optimal film quantity.

Turntable wrappers

A turntable wrapper is an industrial packaging machine that uses a turntable to wrap a product in stretch film. The product is placed on the turntable, which rotates while the film is applied to hold the product in place. This method is commonly used to wrap pallets and large products.

Banding robots

Wrapping robots are mobile wrapping devices that offer great flexibility, moving easily to wherever they’re needed. Qu’ils soient automatiques ou semi-automatiques, ces équipements de filmage industriels sont appréciés pour leur polyvalence. Robot wrappers enable you to wrap all types of pallets, without being limited by their size or weight. Ainsi, ces robots sont particulièrement adaptés au banderolage de palettes longues présentant des dimensions hétérogènes ou non standard.

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