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Steel & Metallurgy

The metallurgy industry brings together a wide range of equipment of different shapes and sizes (pipe, plate, section, coil, etc.), all of which have one thing in common: their very heavy weight. If they are to be transported together, they need to be strapped together using straps of high and constant tension. The load thus becomes compact and solid.

In the steel and metal industry, we are challenged by very specific product specification requirements. Merchandise can be sharp, very hot, extremely heavy and highly sensitive, such as stainless steel or aluminum products. When it comes to heat-treated products or those that generate residual heat, we recommend the use of steel straps for bundling and packaging.

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La Croix Noble offers a full range of high-strength, high-tenacity polyester straps for strapping materials used in the metallurgical industry: whether for transporting raw steel, steel tubes, steel coils… we have the technical solutions and the products. The shock-absorbing capacity and holding power of our ties guarantee optimal, safe strapping. La Croix Noble straps are the safety belt for your merchandise.


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Strapping dispensers

Discover our strapping dispensers

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Automatic machines

We have a wide range of automatic machines. Consult us for your project.

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Strapping in your image:

Print your own texts, photos, logos, etc. on your strap. We have a machine that can print photo quality onto your strap.

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Custom strapping machine 🔵⚪🔴

Entirely designed to facilitate your day-to-day work, it meets your specifications: speed, addition of chevrons, destacker, chain sorting, conveying, etc…

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