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Composite strap Starflex® (Polyester)

Composite strap is an alternative solution to the steel strap. It is made of polyester ties covered by a protective plastic sheath that is extremely resistant to mechanical, abrasive or chemical aggression.  One of the principal industries that use composite strap is the packaging industry.

Composite strap is used to close and support cardboard boxes, it’s also used to secure pallets of merchandise. Companies shipping fragile or heavy goods can use composite strapping to reinforce their packaging and protect it during transport.

Composite is also used in the construction industry: used to connect steel beams and concrete reinforcing rods. Also, they use composite straps in the automobile industry to connect plastic pieces, glass fiber and metal.

High quality polyester straps offering high tension and abrasion resistances. High retraction capacity. A genuine alternative to steel strapping, it can be used for pallet strapping in all heavy industries.

STARFLEX® composite strap range: 

  • From 13 to 40 mm
  • Up to 3 tons of strength 
  • Light range with high resistance for heavy industries

STARFLEX® composite strap’s advantages: 

  • Shocks-absorbing 
  • Can be retensioned 
  • Does not rust
  • Weather and Uv resistant 
  • Buckle closure 
  • Steel strap alternative 
  • High resistance to abrasion

use with: 

Composite strap at your image: 

Customize your strap following your needs: text, photo, logos… We have a machine that can print with photography quality on your straps..

Applied Composite strap: 

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