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Wheel dispenser D30

D30 wheel dispenser

Economical and easy to handle, the D30 Wheel dispenser makes it easy to transport and unwind the coil of strap, while adapting to its diameter.

The versatile D30 mobile dispenser stands out for its ability to adjust to a variety of strap coil diameters, ranging from 76 to 406 mm. This flexibility makes it an extremely versatile choice, suitable for various sizes of products to be strapped, eliminating the need to change equipment.

Simplified operation facilitates the strapping process. wheels and integrated mobility allow easy transport, eliminating the need to lift heavy coils. The unwinding mechanism ensures a smooth, controlled flow of strap, minimizing the risk of tangling.

The D30 strap dispenser is also suitable for a wide range of strap types, and is recommended for strapping PP and composite strap. Its design takes into account variations in stiffness, flexibility and strength of strap materials.

All in all, the D30 mobile uncoiler offers an economical and practical solution for strapping. With its adaptability to coil diameters, ease of transport, smooth unwinding and versatility in handling different types of straps, it effectively meets the varied strapping needs of companies and individuals alike.

wheel dispensers D30 advantages :

  • High mobility
  • Carrying handle bar for easy handling
  • Storage bin for accessories and strapping tool to prevent them from being scattered.

D30 technical characteristics :

  • Suitable for PP strap and composite straps
  • Core diameter: from 150 to 406 for PP, and from 150 to 200 for composite.

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