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Manual PP (polypropylene) strap

Manual PP strap is a strap made of polypropylene (PP) used for packaging and securing merchandise. It is often used in industries such as logistics, transportation, distribution and warehousing to keep products in place and prevent them from shifting or deteriorating during transport or storage.

Manual PP strap is manually applied with a strapping tool, also called strap tensioner, which allows to pull the strap and to tension it around the product to be packed. Once the strap is tensioned, it is fixed with a metal or plastic buckle.

Manual PP strap’s advantages are its high resistance, its flexibility and lightness, making it easy to manipulate and to transport. It is also economic and recyclable, making it an option more respectful for the environment.

However, Manual PP strap is not recommended for fragile and heavy products that needs a highest security and resistance.In these cases, it is preferable to use machine PP strap.

manual pp strap range:

  • From 12 to 18mm
  • Embossed or smooth manual PP strap
  • Black or white 
  • From 0,5 mm to 0,8 mm of thickness

manual pp strap advantages: 

  • Resistance: PP strap is a material which offers a excellent maintain and stability to packed products
  • Flexibility: PP strap is flexible and can be used to pack different size and shapes products. 
  • Easy use: Manual PP strapping is easy to use and requires no special training or expertise. Simply tension it with a manual strapping tool and secure it with a buckle or seal.
  • Economic: manual PP strap  is an economic option to packaging and securing merchandise. It’s less expensive than other packaging material such as metal or wood. 
  • Lightness: manual PP strap is a light material making it easy to manipulate and to transport. 
  • Recyclable: PP strap is recyclable, making it a respectful option for the environment.

Manual PP strap is a convenient, economic, environmentally-friendly solution for packaging and securing products in different sectors, including logistics, transportation, distribution and warehousing.

use with: 

PP strap at your image

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Clean up your warehouse, reduce NHIW (Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste) and recycle your PP, PET ans steel waste.

applied manual pp strap:

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