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Portable dispensers D10

strapping cart

This small, light-weight, easy-to-handle portable dispenser carries the strap coil, tool and strapping accessories together.

The portable strap dispenser stands out for its compactness, making it highly maneuverable. Its ease of transport and movement make it a major asset, ideal for environments requiring mobility, such as warehouses and construction sites.

Its lightweight design is crucial for regular use, reducing user fatigue over the long term, improving efficiency and comfort.

What makes it particularly remarkable is its ability to group together all the essential strapping elements. It houses not only the strap coil, but also the strapping carriage and the necessary accessories. This feature eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth, optimizing the process.

All in all, this portable dispenser offers a clever solution to simplify strapping. Its maneuverability, light weight and ability to centralize components make it a valuable tool, improving efficiency in a variety of sectors, such as logistics and construction.

D10 Portable dispenser advantages:

  • Its lightweight and ergonomic handle makes it easy to move around.
  • Storage bin for accessories (buckles, seals, etc.) and strapping tools, which are no longer scattered around.

D10 Portable dispenser specifications:

  • Suitable for woven, hotmelt and manual PP strap
  • Mandrel diameter: 25 mm for PP and 76 mm for woven and hotmelt strap

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