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STRAPFIX Strap-pass


What if we told you that you could strap every shipment in just 5 seconds? Thanks to the strap-pass , strapping time is cut in half!

Its ergonomic design makes strapping effortless in just 3 easy steps:

  • Insert the strap into the notch
  • Slide the strap under the pallet
  • Retrieve the strap from the end of the pallet

The new-generation strap-pass is designed to strap a pallet faster, safer and more efficiently than a traditional strap-pass.

The essential accessory for intensive manual pallet strapping.

STRAPFIX advantages: 

  • Ergonomically designed, it significantly reduces the musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) your operators can develop
  • Extra-long shaft allows the strap to pass easily under the pallet
  • Made of fiberglass for high impact resistance and intensive professional use

STRAPFIX characteristics:

  • Head width: 83 mm
  • Head height: 49 mm
  • Rod length: 1,803 mm
  • Highly flexible fiberglass rod → very high impact resistance
  • Works with all types of PP, PET, steel, textile or paper straps

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