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Steel strap

Steel strap is the ideal strapping solution for heavy, non-compressible loads with protruding corners! If you would like to switch to other, less costly and safer solutions, please contact our experts for advice.

steel strap range: 

  • From 13 to 32 mm
  • Up to 3.6 tons resistant
  • Black-lacquered steel strap or traverse-wound coil

Steel strap’s advantages: 

  • Good corrosion resistance

To sum up, steel strap isn’t the strongest, most resistant strap on the market, as you might think: “Steel is strong! We have the option of strapping with higher-strength composite or PET strapping. Steel strap has no elasticity, so does not guarantee “secure” transport. We do not recommend it for applications other than hot strapping. In terms of storage, handling and all the tools involved, there are cheaper and safer alternatives for your operators.

use with: 

Applied steel strap:

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