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Wheel dispenser D1000

strap dispenser multi diameter

The D1000 dispenser on wheels is an ergonomic tool designed for professionals. Practical, it can handle any coil diameter without having to dismantle it !

The D1000 strap dispenser stands out as a highly ergonomic tool specially designed for professionals. Unlike traditional models, it’s remarkably easy to use. The hassle of conventional installation – tilting the dispenser, dismantling the stand, positioning the coil correctly, then reassembling the stand – is a thing of the past.

With the D1000, the user can maintain a standing position throughout the operation. In a fluid gesture that takes just 5 seconds, the coil of strap slips between the two side elements of the dispenser, preparing it instantly for use. This innovation not only increases efficiency, it also enhances working comfort. By eliminating tedious steps, the D1000 allows strapping operators to concentrate on essential tasks, while reducing fatigue and the risk of injury from repetitive handling.

Wheel dispensers d100 advantages :

  • Rugged dispenser designed for extreme use
  • Quick-loading dispenser → Spool set-up in seconds in any direction
  • Coil brake → Counteracts inertia of coil unwinding
  • Large air wheel and carrying handle bar for easy handling
  • Storage bin for accessories and strapping tools, which no longer get scattered around.

D1000 Technical characteristics :

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