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Wheel dispenser D50

Dispenser D50

The D50 is a mobile, practical and robust dispenser. Specially designed for heavy-duty coils of coiled steel and polyester (PET) strap.

The D50 embodies the fusion of practicality and robustness of a mobile dispenser. Designed for optimum performance, this dispenser truck features a highly resistant design, dedicated to the demands of heavy-duty strapping with coils of coiled steel strap and polyester (PET) strap.

Its features are specially designed for convenience and safety. Equipped with an effective braking system, it limits uncontrolled unwinding of the strap coil, guaranteeing safe handling. This dispenser is perfectly suited to handling massive coils of strap weighing up to 50 kg, offering a solid solution for strapping operations requiring high load capacity.

Wheel dispensers advantages :

  • For intensive use
  • Carrying handle bar for easy handling
  • Storage bin for accessories and strapping tool to prevent them from being scattered.
  • Features a drum brake to limit unwinding of the strap coil and maintain constant tension.

D50 technical characteristics :

Before leaving us on this product sheet…

Can you really tell the difference between 2 dispensers on your own? Bear in mind that load securing is a technical field, and one in which we’ve been training for many years. So don’t forget to ask us for advice before you’ve got a useless blue thing at the back of the warehouse ^^.

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