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Beer, wine & spirits

Strap is a material commonly used in the beer, wine and spirits industries to enhance the safety and stability of products during transport and storage. Strapped around wine crates or pallets of bottles, it holds them together.

Another advantage? Remove the strapping and recycle it! A good alternative to staple.

Strap offers additional protection against the shocks and vibrations that can damage bottles, and helps stabilize loads to prevent damage-causing movements.

In addition, strap can also help prevent theft by providing a visible sealing method that indicates whether a carton has been tampered with or opened.

Strap not only secures your packages, pallets, cartons and cases of wine, but also keeps them tamper-proof. In the case of wine, for example, the strap makes it possible to seal wooden cases without piercing them, and when it’s printed, it reinforces the brand image!

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La Croix Noble offers a whole range of solutions for packing and transporting your goods.

Manual strapping: for safe shipment preparation. Strapping tools, PP, PET or paper straps, customized straps, strap dispensers…

Automatic strapping for greater efficiency and higher strapping speeds! Semi-automatic strapping tables for Polypropylene strapping or automatic strapping machines for PP or PET (Polyester) strap.


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feuillard imprimé

Strapping in your image:

Print your own texts, photos, logos, etc. on your strap. We have a machine that can print photo quality onto your strap.

L'Européenne d'Emballages


L’Européenne d’Emballages studies and designs complete packaging lines: from the packaging starting point to shrink-wrapping prior to transport.

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