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Pallet and package strapping is used in logistics as an integral part of the packaging, handling and transport of goods. In fact, strapping not only secures and facilitates the transport of goods, but also preserves the integrity of the load during transport. When you place your products on the pallet, the straps will reinforce the hold during transport. Strapping your pallets also enables you to group several packages together to form sets. These sets will be protected and sent to your customers in the best possible conditions.


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La Croix Noble is committed to offering complete solutions to optimize its customers’ logistics. Their range of services is designed to guarantee safety and efficiency in the shipping and repackaging process. Here’s an overview of the different aspects covered by these solutions:

  1. Secure strapping of merchandise: The safety of merchandise during transport is crucial. La Croix Noble offers advanced strapping techniques to ensure that goods are securely strapped and protected during transit. This reduces the risk of damage in transit.
  2. Reconditioning for multi-site shipments: Multi-site shipments require efficient planning and organization. La Croix Noble offers repackaging solutions tailored to the specific needs of multi-site shipments. This involves preparing goods in such a way as to make them quickly and easily ready for transport to different sites.
  3. Facilitating operators’ work: Operational efficiency is essential for any logistics company. La Croix Noble puts in place systems and methods to facilitate the work of operators. This can include appropriate training, ergonomic equipment and optimized processes to maximize productivity.
  4. Limiting MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders): MSDs can affect the health and well-being of operators involved in logistics. La Croix Noble takes steps to minimize the risk of MSD by optimizing working conditions, implementing ergonomic workstations and encouraging safe goods handling practices.
  5. Productivity gains: By combining optimized practices, adequate equipment and appropriate training, La Croix Noble aims to improve its customers’ productivity. This translates into a smoother workflow, reduced lead times and better overall operational efficiency.

In short, La Croix Noble offers a complete range of solutions designed to secure, optimize and make its customers’ logistics more efficient. The main objective is to guarantee the safety of goods, improve productivity and create favorable working conditions for operators.


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L'Européenne d'Emballages


L’Européenne d’Emballages studies and designs complete packaging lines: from the packaging starting point to shrink-wrapping prior to transport.

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Strapping in your image:

Print your own texts, photos, logos, etc. on your strap. We have a machine that can print photo quality onto your strap.

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Strap chopper: the answer to all your questions!

Clean up your warehouse, reduce NHIW (Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste) and recycle your PP, PET ans steel waste.

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