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Strapping is an important part of the packaging process in the agri-food industry, contributing to the protection, safety and hygiene of products during transport, storage and distribution.

Strapping holds products in place and prevents them from shifting or spilling during transport. This helps prevent damage to products, such as dents or crushing, which could render them unsaleable or unsafe for consumption.

Strapped products can be easily handled with forklifts or pallet trucks. This reduces the risk of injury to operators and optimizes the use of storage space.

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Cercleuse horizontale automatique de palettes TP-733H

La Croix Noble offers customized solutions for the food industry. Are you familiar with our high-speed stainless steel strapping machines for rapid pallet strapping, which are resistant to sea spray? For use in humid environments, we’ve selected machines for shrink-wrapping, sleeving and food palletizing. Finally, for smaller applications, discover our strapping tools: manual strapping machines, dispensers…


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cercleuse sur mesure

Custom strapping machine 🔵⚪🔴

Entirely designed to facilitate your day-to-day work, it meets your specifications: speed, addition of chevrons, destacker, chain sorting, conveying, etc…

L'Européenne d'Emballages


L’Européenne d’Emballages studies and designs complete packaging lines: from the packaging starting point to shrink-wrapping prior to transport.

feuillard imprimé

Strapping in your image:

Print your own texts, photos, logos, etc. on your strap. We have a machine that can print photo quality onto your strap.

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