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Our products meet the high strapping output requirements of the corrugated industry, which call for high-quality strap with controlled elongation. La Croix Noble strapping products are designed to work with manual strapping tools and semi-automatic or automatic strapping machines.

The corrugated industry is a true biomaterial! The paper and corrugated industry is heavily involved in the search for improved recyclability and in the eco-design of packaging. That’s why La Croix Noble is also innovating by offering this industry more respectful materials: using fewer raw materials and with a recyclability cycle close to 100%.

our solutions

Discover our 5 mm PP strap, specially designed to meet the needs of the corrugated industry: reduced material consumption, lower environmental impact, less residue in the machines, resulting in less maintenance.

We also develop paper straps, 100% recyclable, for use in your semi-automatic or automatic strapping machines.

We also have a range of machines specially designed for the corrugated industry: strapping machines with press, conveyors, with or without package turning, with package squaring, cross strapping, double parallel strapping, with package recognition to offer different types of strapping…


our Corrugated selection

L'Européenne d'Emballages


L’Européenne d’Emballages studies and designs complete packaging lines: from the packaging starting point to shrink-wrapping prior to transport.

Strap dispensers

Discover our strap dispensers

feuillard imprimé

Strapping in your image:

Print your own texts, photos, logos, etc. on your strap. We have a machine that can print photo quality onto your strap.

examples of Corrugated aplications

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