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Lost-in-bag lashing straps

 lashing straps in bag

Lost lashing straps technical description:

Lost lashing straps, is a device used to secure and fasten loads during transport.

The main purpose of, lost lashing straps is to hold loads in place to prevent them from shifting or falling during transport. It is commonly used in road, sea and rail transport to secure loads during transport by holding them firmly in place, helping to prevent accidents and ensure road safety.


  • High-security woven polyester lashing
  • Secure loading for road, sea and rail transport
  • Adjustable length to suit different load sizes
  • High tensile strength
  • Single use

Textile straps to match your image:

Print text, photos, logos, etc. on your textile straps.

Lost-in-bag lashing straps

Personalize your lashing straps with our custom printing service. Ideal for branding your lashings with your own image, or adding your standards to your lashings to ensure compliant transport.

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