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Experts in the automatic strapping sector, we offer a wide range of strapping machines and automated systems adapted to various industrial sectors such as glass, wood, construction, cardboard and metal.

These custom-built machines, designed and manufactured in France, produce top-quality strapping specifically adapted to each product to ensure optimum reliability and efficiency.

Custom-built strapping machines for Polypropylene (PP) or Polyester (PET) strap come as standard with the following features:

  • Automatic centralized oiling of the strapping head
  • Automatic dust blower for the strapping head
  • Tension control: the tension applied is always the same (200 or 400 kg).

You can add a Jumbo or classic dispenser system to your custom-built strapping machine, depending on your strapping speed.

Below is an example of a completed project, a special wood strapping machine with chevron distribution. This is just an example. Your specifications will determine your customized strapping machine: strapping rate, number of straps, chevrons below or above, strapping above or on the side, package length, multiple package sizes…

Our experts are at your disposal to analyze and design an automated strapping solution specially adapted to your requirements and specifications.

made in France
Custom strappign machine

Made in France

12-month warranty

Operator training

Spare parts

Unique and innovative regular self-maintenance system: Oiling and blowing of the strapping head

Made-to-measure strapping machine

Made-to-measure design of your strapping machine in a French workshop 🔵⚪🔴

Custom-designed strapping machines

Design of the machine to your specifications

From the smallest to the largest strapping package, it’s all possible!

Strap dispenser Jumbo 🔵⚪🔴

How many coil changes do you make per day or per week in your automatic strapping machine?

Jumbo is an economical solution…

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