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Semi-automatic strapping table iQ-400

The iQ-400 strapping table is a durable and robust strapping machine designed to resist harsh operating environments. Offering two tensioning modes, it enables a wide variety of applications with a single gesture. Yet it remains incredibly quiet, making it equally suitable for office use.

IQ-400 technical description

  • For PP straps
  • The iQ-400 is an extremely quiet strapping machine.
  • Small and functional: the welding head is located at the extreme right-hand corner of the frame, so that the upper surface can be used to its full potential. The frame has also been reinforced to support heavy packages. The machine frame is small, light and easy to maneuver.
  • Two tensioning modes: The tension force mode is suitable for higher tension or compressible packages, while the tension stroke mode is ideal for gentler tension or rapid cycling.
  • Rapid temperature rise: only 45 seconds are needed to reach operating temperature.
  • Strap width adjustable from 5 to 15.5 mm.
  • The open frame design makes it easy to change strap coils.
  • Economical: fewer moving parts facilitate maintenance operations and reduce operating costs. All electronic parts are located on one side of the machine, in the body, for easy maintenance and increased protection of essential parts. Easy-to-remove hinged trays for daily maintenance.

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