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Automatic vertical pallet strapping machine TP-733VLM

Automatic vertical pallet strapping machineTP-733VLM

The TP-733VLM strapping machine is an excellent choice for fully automatic operation in a variety of vertical pallet strapping applications. The TP-733VLM maximizes productivity by applying strapping consistently and accurately to the pallet load, and minimizes production costs through stable, high-speed operation. Designed for quick and easy connection to the main control system, the TP-733VLM can be easily adapted to all end-of-line packaging sectors. The TP-733VLM strapping machine is ideal for strapping pallets of materials such as bricks, cinder blocks, food pallets and household appliances.


  • For vertical pallet strapping (side sealing)
  • For PP and PET straps
  • Strap widths: 9 – 12 – 15.5 – 19 mm
  • Capacity: up to 72 pallets/hour (vertical with double strapping)
  • Standard tension range: 1100 – 3200 N (320 kg)
  • External strap coil for easy replacement
  • Friction welding technology
  • Mobile strapping lance
  • Automatic strap end ejector
  • Adjustable welding and cooling times

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