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Automatic pallet strapping machine TP-733VTS

The TP-733VTS strapping machine is fully automatic. Ideal for palletized products, it is also suitable for low package heights. Its friction-welded strapping technology offers high efficiency. The easy-to-use SIEMENS touch screen allows the operator to control and monitor strapping operations with ease. With a quick connection to the main control system, the TP-733VTS strapping machine can be perfectly adapted to all end-of-line packaging operations.

Automatic pallet strapping machine TP-733VTS


  • High-tech strapping machine, designed to be integrated into your automatic packaging line.
  • Machine equipped with motorized retractable needle
  • External strap coil for easy replacement
  • Easy strap insertion, automatic loading and automatic arch filling
  • Quick, easy access to machine for maintenance
  • Strap coil end sensor
  • Cycle speed: 11 sec/cycle
  • Capacity: over 70 pallets/hour (vertically with double strapping)

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