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Automatic horizontal pallet strapping machine TP-733H

Automatic horizontal pallet strapping machine TP-733H

The TP-733H automatic strapping machine provides accurate strapping output on all loads with consistent performance. Designed for quick and easy connection to the main control system, the TP-733H can be easily integrated into a variety of end-of-line packaging sectors. It’s the best choice for fully automatic operation in a variety of applications, including palletized goods, household appliances, bricks and breeze blocks, food products…


  • For horizontal pallet strapping
  • For PP and PET straps
  • Strap widths: 12 – 15.5 – 19 mm
  • Strap guide arm
  • Mobile or fixed strapping head
  • Floating strapping head (better tension distribution)
  • Tension up to 300 kg
  • Up to 60 pallets/hour
  • Friction welding technology
  • Free access to strapping guides
  • Adjustable sealing and cooling times
  • Automatic strap end ejector
  • Wide range of options

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