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Inflator gun MAXPROAIR

Inflator gun MAXPROAIR


A dunnage air gun is a specialized tool used to inflate dunnage quickly and easily, providing a solution for protecting and stabilizing products during transport.

The MaxProAir inflator gun is a top-of-the-range pneumatic tool. It features a Venturi shutter to maximize the inflation speed of container dunnage bags.

With no need for a compressed air supply on site, our cordless, battery-powered electric inflator is an excellent solution for inflating dunnage bags.

The MaxProAir portable inflator is an indispensable tool for forklift operators in the field, providing fast, efficient inflation of dunnage cushions.

Inflator gun advantages:

  • Hands-free operation: you can use both hands to place and hold the dunnage during inflation.
  • Less than 20 seconds to inflate a bag
  • Inflates up to 120 bags in a single load
  • Over-inflation protection
  • Deflation function
  • Long-life battery
Inflator gun

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