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Dispenser with integrated jib mast D872

Ergonomis dispenser D872

The strap dispenser with integrated jib mast is a device that combines a strap dispenser and a jib to enable more convenient and efficient use of the strapping station. The height of the jib can be adjusted to suit the operator’s needs.

The strapping tool is suspended, considerably reducing the weight felt during each strapping operation. Do you know how much a strapping tool weighs? Around 3 to 5 kg. What’s more, the jib can be used to guide the strap to the strapping area, facilitating the process and reducing the risk of injury. If your operators want to lift weights, give them the chance to do it in a gym – they’ll enjoy it more!

With the D872 ergonomic dispenser, you get a tool that’s always ready to strap, at the right height. This is the ergonomic answer we regularly come up with for intensive strapping jobs – jobs increasingly occupied by women, where the weight of the tools can prove too much at the end of the day.

To limit MSD and add more comfort to your warehouses, consider our range of ergonomic dispensers, designed to help you rethink your daily routine!

D872 technical description : 

  • Suitable for PP and PET strap
  • Suitable for straps up to 40mm
  • Core diameters: 406 mm
  • Dispenser dimensions: 120 x 55 x 220 cm
  • Storage container dimensions: 45 x 22 x 13 cm
  • Net weight: 42 kg

d872 Advantages :

  • Storage container for accessories and strapping tools, no longer scattered around.
  • Storage pin behind the tool tray for warehouse accessories.
  • Suspension bar for label or tape rolls.
  • Hang and hold the strapping tool (max. 15 kg) to minimize operator effort and limit MSD (musculoskeletal disorders).
  • Load the coil of strap while holding the dispenser in an upright position.

Easy movement

  • Easy to use and handle, this equipment is equipped with 4 wheels, 2 of which have brakes.

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