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Strap chopper – Reduce your waste

Are you looking for a solution to reduce your strap waste? We’ve got the solution to keep your warehouse clean while sorting your waste! 

Different choppers depending on the nature of your waste: PET, PP, steel… The chopper drives a rotor through the strap, chopping it into small pieces of around 6 to 8 cm. Thanks to this system, you can reduce your waste by at least 20 times!

Easy to use, low-maintenance: the strap chopper will soon be indispensable in your company!

This chopper is a cost-effective way of managing your waste and meets all European requirements (ISO14001…).

strap chopper
  • For waste reduction PET, PP, composite, steel…
  • Reduces waste volume by at least 20 times
  • Available with waste recycling program: 3R Program (In France only)
  • CE-compliant
  • Options available: frame on castors with brakes, waste sorting stand (single frame, double frame), wall frame, on pallet frame…

The operation of the strap chopper is easy, fast and safe. There are 3 steps:

  1. Switch on the chopper by pressing the start/stop button
  2. Insert the strap of your choice (PET, PP, steel) into the feed funnel
  3. When the bag is full you can organize waste collections by type: PP, PET, steel

Today, steel and plastic waste represents a major expense for companies. Environmental legislation is becoming more stringent by the day, so we need to act fast.


  • Considerable time savings
  • Clean and safe workplace
  • Fixed or mobile chopper
  • Reduced risk of accidents and improved safety
  • Reduce waste management costs
  • Real savings
  • Better, greener image
  • Dedicated area equipped for waste reduction
  • Easy of use and low maintenance costs

Why is incorporating Choppers essential for your business?

  1. Maximized Company Space: Do you find your storage areas occupied by containers filled with air and unwieldy straps? Straps, at times, prove challenging to compress and consume significant space within an empty container. Our Choppers are specifically designed to condense the volume of straps by an impressive 30/1 ratio. This not only frees up valuable space within your company but also enables you to dispatch full containers of waste efficiently. The streamlined process results in fewer trucks needed for waste transportation, translating to cost savings in waste processing. In summary, embracing Choppers offers a multitude of advantages for your business.
  2. Enhanced Safety in the Workplace: The utilization of our Choppers guarantees an exceptionally safe working environment. By incorporating this technology, you not only streamline waste management but also contribute to creating a secure and organized workspace for your staff.
  3. Commitment to Ecology: In today’s world, ecological considerations play an increasingly pivotal role in our lives. Embrace the current era and invest in our Chopper as a sustainable solution for your waste management needs, benefiting both your business and the environment. The chips produced by our machines undergo further processing to become reusable raw materials. By doing so, you actively contribute to an environmentally conscious resolution for strap waste within your company.
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