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Mesh bags for firewood

Sac filet pour bois de chauffage

Whether you’re a sawmill looking to rationalize storage or a firewood supplier organizing regular deliveries, our net bags offer an efficient solution for storing, handling and delivering your products.

Specially designed for packaging 33 cm or 50 cm logs and firelighters, net bags are a practical solution for wood industry.

  1. Sturdiness and durability: made from tough materials, our mesh bags are designed to withstand the rigors of the wood industry, ensuring the longevity and weather protection of your firewood.
  2. Optimum ventilation: the mesh design promotes optimal air circulation, preserving the quality of your firewood and reducing the risk of mold.
  3. Easy loading and unloading: gain in efficiency with mesh bags that simplify the loading and unloading process, optimizing your supply chain.
  4. Sturdy handles: equipped with sturdy handles, our mesh bags make transporting firewood easier, meeting the requirements of your professional activities.
  5. Adjustable capacity: available in different sizes, our mesh bags can be adapted to your specific needs, whether you’re handling small batches or larger volumes.

Net bag advantages:

  • Ideal for transporting and storing logs or small firewood.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Optimal air circulation, facilitates wood drying.
  • Fitted with pull-tab closures, net bags hold your goods securely.

net bag FEATURES:

  • Small-mesh bag
  • Made of 100% recyclable polypropylene
  • Volume: up to 60 L
  • SWL (Safe Working Load) : up to 50 kg
  • Filling system: total opening
  • Pull-tab closures for easy closure
  • 1-year UV protection

Some examples of applications:

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